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Title:  Unnatural Beginnings
Author: [info]laurelqueen
Rating: G
Warnings: Very First Supernatural Story
Spoilers (If Any): Anything Post Season 1
Author's note:  No huge plotline yet but it's coming, I'm currently writing it. I really like it though, comment if you like it and pimp it if you do,
Summary: Sam goes to Stanford, John and Dean go on a hunt.


New Horizons Pt. 1

“What else do you want me to do, Dad? Do you want me to be in the line of fire every time we come upon some dark force and we don’t know how to control it or kill it?” Sam asked as she continued to pack up her bag.

“Sammy, I just want you to know that Dean and I will always protect you, your protection always comes first.” John yelled back. “This is the best way you and Dean can protect me, by letting me go to Stanford, I’ll be out of the line of fire and I’m 99% sure that no crazy demon will come and find me.” Sam said.

“That’s not a sure thing; there are tons of crazy demonic forces out there.” John responded.

“Dad, I can’t just stay and keep putting in these crazy nights where for the life of me I feel like I’m going crazy, I have no stability.” Sam said.

“Isn’t family enough stability? We’re the only family you’ve got.” John said. Sam stopped packing and rolled her eyes and turned around to look at her dad. He had just spent the last four days on a hunt and he had the scratches and bruises to prove it. He looked tired and worn out. He hadn’t had a clean shave in months and his hair was as crazy as it hadn’t been brushed for the entire time he was gone.

“Dad, I... I love you and Dean so much, don’t you think I’ll be ten times more helpful away at school. I could be your Watchtower and let you know where to hunt and how to hunt. Plus going away to school and eventually Law School could help this family out of a ton more legal scrapes than we get into. Plus, I’m only in school for eight months out of the year. For the four months of the summer. I’m all yours.” Sam said.

“It just feels like I don’t know what you’re getting into and it feels like it’s so far out of my control. I need more time.” John said.

“There’s never enough time when you hunt. There isn’t a moment to spare. Time is so important during a hunt.” Sam said, “This is the best time for me to go. Dean is in impeccable shape and so are you once you clean up and rest for a few days before the next hunt.”

“You’re leaving so much sooner than I thought you would.” John said.

“I know, but time flies when you’re having fun, even when you’re hunting. We’ve had the past two months to figure out all the logistics and you’re still being an old stick in the mud.” Sam said. John looked at his daughter and realized that she was right; Sam had wanted this for years. She studied even when they didn’t have time for school with his hunting schedule. Dean had wanted it too even though he was so much more excited about fighting off the next freak show.

“Just be careful, Sammy.” John said.

“I will Dad; I’m going to make sure I have the right protection with me at all times.” Sam said. Sam walked up to John and embraced her father. “If you need me, you’ll know where to find me.” Sam said.

“I know, Blue, I know.” John said. “Now go talk some sense into your brother so he knows you’ll be okay.” “Thanks Dad.”

Sam smiled and finished the hug and walked outside.


Dean was outside washing the Impala with his car stereo blaring and wasn’t paying attention to Sam coming up behind him, he was starting to sing and dance with the music when Sam came outside to talk to him. Sam smiled as she walked up, she slowly and stayed at his backside and then full on sprinted and jumped on his back.

Dean freaked out momentarily thinking it was some crazy demon but then realized that it was his 6’2” sister with freakishly long arms and legs wrapped around his torso. Dean smiled slyly and dropped to the ground backwards, and crushed Sam by sitting on top of her.

By falling backwards Sam had dropped to the ground harder than she expected. She smacked her head hard on the pavement. It had hit hard enough that she blacked out for a couple of minutes. When she came to, she saw Dean looking down at her with a concerned look but smug look on his face.

“Sammy, why did you jump up on me like that? You know you’re a huge oaf of a girl now and I can’t have you jumping on my back any more.” Dean said.

“So now I’m an oaf, at least I’m an oaf who isn’t afraid to put her life in danger for you, mister.” Sam replied. “I never asked you to put your life in danger.” Dean said.

“No it was always just implied, it’s in the Winchester coat of arms.” Sam said.

“Sam, don’t be such a cocksucker.” Dean said.

“Nice comeback, honestly.” Sam said.

Dean helped Sam back to her feet. Sam dusted off her jean shorts and checked her head, arms and legs for scratches and bruises.

“You’ll be fine Sam. Now it’s just those Stanford guys I’m worried about.” Dean said.

“Are you more worried for my sake or for theirs?” Sam replied.

“Theirs.” Dean said as he grabbed a handful of Sam’s hair and pulled and then jumped in his Impala and drove off.


Later that afternoon Dean found himself in one of his frequent drinking spots as of late to see if he could get his hands on some good hard liquor and maybe fancy his sex drive. He didn’t have to wait long until he saw a girl across the bar with blonde hair and ample cleavage. He had asked the bartender to buy this girl a drink and waited for her to receive it and then walk over to him and get close and personal. He then proceeded to flirt and buy her drink after drink until she was hanging all over him and shoving her bosoms in his face. He enjoyed every moment of it. Dean then half dragged half walked her out to the backseat of his car and did her until the cows came home.

Hours later after he had his fill he drove her home and dropped her off on her doorstep and then drove off. It wasn’t that he didn’t enjoy doing it. It just didn’t feel right with jetting off without hanging out with his sister on her last night before she moved to California. He drove back to the apartment and quietly messed with his keys and found the front door key and unlocked the door and entered the apartment.

There Sam was on the couch sleeping with the television on. He noticed that a blanket had been placed over top of her but it had slid off her and now half of it was on the floor. He walked over to her and repositioned the blanket so it covered her entirely. She hadn’t looked that peaceful in months.

All that worrying about not having a life, being able to go to school, and being a part of the “family business” had stressed her out to the point where some nights you knew she was having nightmares. She would scream out in these nightmares, act out what was happening, and even wake up breathing heavily and sweating, sometimes it got so bad that when she woke up she would be weeping. John knew some of what was going on but he didn’t push it beyond dreams. He didn’t want to freak her out even more than she already was, when she would have the nightmares. He and Dean would take turns each night to make sure that she would be okay and comfort her when she wasn’t. Sam would never want to talk about them. She would play them off the next day and say that nothing happened but both Dean and John knew that it was happening. Just as Dean was about to turn the television off he heard Sam say, “Hey, if I had known you wouldn’t have gotten home until now I wouldn’t have waited up.”

“You didn’t have to wait up.” Dean said.

“I know, but I wanted to make sure you were ok with me going away, and you taking on the brunt of the responsibility and making sure Dad would be ok.” Sam said.

“Isn’t that what the oldest kid is supposed to do?” Dean said.

“That so isn’t the point, Dean. In this family there is so much more responsibility attached to it.” Sam said.

“I know. I’m just messing with you.” Dean said. “Hey how are your dreams these days, any more nightmares?”

“No, not lately, the past couple were back in Yuma, when we were dealing with those unruly poltergeists.” Sam said.

“You’ll call me if they get bad again, right.” Dean asked.

“Of course I will, I’ll have to learn to somewhat manage some of the time, but I’ll let you know if they get bad again.” Sam said.

“Do you want to head back up to your bed?” Dean asked.

“Yea, I guess I should. Since you’re home now, you can be on watch then.” Sam said.

“Of course, I can do that, I have to be ready to go in the morning.” Dean said. Dean helped Sam up from the couch gave her a quick hug and kissed her on the forehead and shoved her upstairs. He then turned on one of the side table lamps and turned the television off and pulled out one of his knife blades and cleaning cloths and started to wipe down his blade.

“Hey Blue, Up you get. Stanford waits for no man.” John said.

“OR Woman!” Dean interjected.

Sam moaned and opened her eyes. She flung her legs over the side of her bed and grabbed her robe and walked into the bathroom. She looked at herself in the mirror and laughed at her crazy morning hair. She opened the medicine cabinet and pulled out her hairbrush, toothbrush and toothpaste and proceeded to brush her hair and teeth. She then washed, cleansed, and moisturised her face and put her usual amount of makeup eye shadow, mascara, and lip gloss on her face. She then braided her hair in the usual style, French braid front tied back with the rest of her hair loose and free. She then slipped on her slippers and headed downstairs. In the kitchen she saw her brother topless in his boxers and her father ready to go blue jeans, black t-shirt, socks.

“You know I would have thought that Dean would have been ready to get rid of me at this point, I’m such a nuisance.” Sam said.

“It only takes me like two seconds to change, Give me a break Sammy.” Dean said.

“You better get ready Dean, or Sammy here is going to eat your breakfast too.” John said.

“You’d think for a second that we were almost a normal family.” Sam said. Both Dean and John looked up from what they were doing, John attempting to make pancakes, and Dean trying to read his latest e-mail, to give Sam the look of, do not even bring that conversation up again.

“I know I’m sorry.” Sam said. “I guess I’ll go get ready so we can give Sammy the send off she deserves.” Dean said.

“Don’t be a jerk Dean, just do it.” John said.

“Pancakes, Dad, I can’t remember the last time I had homemade pancakes, that’s great, Thanks Dad.” Sam said.

“Oh, that’s not the only surprise Sam, you just wait.” John said.


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