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Title:  Unnatural Beginnings
Author: [info]laurelqueen
Rating: G
Warnings: Very First Supernatural Story
Spoilers (If Any): Anything Post Season 1
Author's note:  No huge plotline yet but it's coming, I'm currently writing it. I really like it though, comment if you like it and pimp it if you do.  In this part Sam arrives at Stanford and meets her roommates and Jess
Summary: Sam goes to Stanford, John and Dean go on a hunt.

New Horizons Pt. 2

After breakfast Sam headed back upstairs to her bedroom to make sure that she had everything she needed. She had filled the three suitcases that John said that he and Mary had taken on their honeymoon. That probably was one of the biggest gifts that John had ever thought of giving Sam. As unpleased as he was that she was leaving, he was happy that his wife in some small way was going to be with his daughter. Dean entered Sam’s bedroom and grabbed two of the suitcases and started to head downstairs.

“Hey what do you have in here, Shoes?” Dean asked.

“Nope, deadly weapons.” Sam said. Dean turned around and gave Sam an “I don’t think so look” and walked downstairs. Sam closed the final suitcase and zipped it, put on her backpack, and picked up her purse and suitcase and headed downstairs behind Dean.

“So I guess we had better head to the bus station.” John said.

“Yea, I guess so.” Sam said. Dean, Sam, and John all headed outside suitcases and other luggage in hand and walked outside. Sam the last one out locked the door behind her and turned around to see Dean and John smirking.

“What, do I have something on my face?” Sam said. Dean and John separated and behind them was a 2000 Ford Mustang.

“Are you freaking kidding me?” Sam said, “I don’t have to take the bus.”

“You don’t have to take any bus.” John said.

“We just wanted to make sure that you could get to us as fast as you needed to get to us, in case you were in trouble or in case we were in trouble.” Dean said.

“Just promise us that you’ll keep up on your training.” John said.

“I Promise.” Sam replied. Sam embraced her father and then turned to Dean.

“So I guess you won’t be such a brat, since you’ll be educated and all.” Dean said.

“I guess so, but I still think I’ll be a pain in your butt.” Sam said.

“Hey I got you something.” Dean said.

“You’ve decided I’m more of an asset dead. Gee thanks Dean.” Sam said mockingly. Dean pulled out a jewellery box. He opened it and took out a silver necklace with a blue vial on the end and etched on it were four initials Dean’s, Sam’s, John’s, and Mary’s.

“Dean, when did you have time to get this?” Sam asked.

“He didn’t have time; I’ve had it since just after you were born. Your mother had it made. She wore it for awhile but decided to put it away and give it to you when you were going to go away to school.” John said.

“Dad, I don’t know what to say, you didn’t have to give me this. I would have understood if you wanted to keep it.” Sam replied.

“Your mom wanted you to have it; she said that specifically before she died.” John said.

“Thanks Dad, Thanks Dean.” Sam said. She embraced them both and hooked up the necklace around her neck. I guess I’d better get on the road.

“You know who to call if you need us.” John said.

“Of course, I’ve got all the phone numbers on Speed dial.” Sam said. “I can’t even believe you got me a car.” Sam opened the trunk and Dean passed all her luggage to her. She then went to the drivers’ side door and opened it, gave Dean one more hug. “Love you guys, see you at thanksgiving.” Sam said.

She closed the door and drove off in the direction of California.

“It’s too bad that she had to leave today because I didn’t tell her we would be leaving for a hunt today ourselves.” John said.

“Dad, you didn’t even tell me that we had another hunt, Dad. I thought we wouldn’t be moving again for another two weeks.” Dean said.

“It’s better that we get ahead of things now, they aren’t going to be waiting around for us to hunt them down. “ John said.

“But Dad, how are we going to let Sam know where we are.” Dean said.

“She’ll be more worried about her first week at Stanford than anything else right now. We can call her from the road.” John said. Dean shrugged his shoulders and gave in.

“I guess she’ll be okay without us. I didn’t think that we’d be hunting again so soon.” Dean said.

“We had to give Sam a more normal life so that she could get into Stanford. It didn’t help very much that we moved around so much.” John said.

“I guess we should still consider hunting as our life.” Dean said. Dean and John went inside to grab their bags and weapons and hunting supplies.


“Winchester, Samantha, Winters, Amelia, Winthorpe, Rebecca are all in Room 307,” Called a Residence Advisor. “This will be your home away from home from the next 8 months make sure you respect each other’s space and privacy. They will also be your study partners, your classmates, and your sisters. Do make the best of this. Under the most extreme conditions there will be changes if you can’t get along at all. So please don’t make a mess of it. I don’t want to be your mother or fill out enough paperwork to fill a dump truck. Here are your keys. Welcome to Stanford.”

“Well that settles it; this has got to be the best suite ever. Nice big bedrooms and a huge common area, kitchen, and a bathroom.” Amelia said as she dropped her bags on the couch.

“So should we draw straws for rooms or just all decide that whatever room we get we get.” Sam said.

“I think we should look at all the rooms and make sure they’re all to our liking and then decide for ourselves which one we like best and then put our stuff in our room. If all else fails then we could always switch after two months.” Rebecca said.

“It sounds good to me.” Sam said.

“Alright let’s go check out the rest of this suite.” Amelia said.

After an hour they all decided they loved the same room. They then said that they would do a switch every two months so they all got a chance at the room. They suggested that since Sam was the first one called that she would take the room first. They then set up their rooms to their liking. Sam decided that this was an opportune moment to close the door and get some privacy while she hid every hunting accoutrement that she had in your possession all around her room. She then made her bed and set up her laptop and books changed into a pair of jeans and a tee shirt tied up her long light brown hair and re-opened your door.

“Hey gals are you hungry, I don’t know about you but I haven’t eaten for a couple of hours. Do you want to go grab something to eat?” Sam asked.

“Sure Sam, Amelia lets go,” said Rebecca.


Later that night the girls returned to their suite.

“Hey I think I’m going to go to bed girls, I’ve probably driven the farthest and I’m really tired. I don’t think I can keep my eyes open any longer.” Sam said.

“Hey that’s alright Sam; I have to give my boyfriend and mom and dad a call.” Amelia said.

“Sounds like a good idea, I’m going to go finish unpacking.” Rebecca said.

“Goodnight Roomies.” Sam said. Sam walked down the hallway and entered her room and closed the door. She opened her duffle bag and found a tee shirt and sweatpants. She put them on then found her bedding and pillows and made her bed then she collapsed down onto the bed surface and fell into a deep sleep.

Sam found herself immediately in what she assumed was the first home she lived in as a child. She knew the history of the house but never really remembered much of it because she was still a baby. She walked down the hallway and into the first room. She saw her mother, Mary sleeping.

She walked down the hallway further into the next room. There was Dean fast asleep underneath football sheets. “Football, eh Dean; Dad sure did have big dreams for you.” Sam whispered as she walked over to him and kissed him on the forehead.

She walked back down the hallway towards her parents’ bedroom. She walked into the room and the baby monitor started to make noises. Mary rose out of her bed took a breath of concern and began to walk down the hallway into the nursery. Sam followed in behind her and realized that it was her room, the pink wallpaper, pink chair, pink crib. Then she looked at the man standing in front of the crib. She noticed that Mary sighed and turned around and headed back down towards the master bedroom.

Sam noticed that the lights in the room and in the hallway behind her started to flicker. She then looked at the Man standing in front of the crib again. “Dad?” She said. The man turned around and his eyes flickered yellow and back to their normal dull colour, the man then smiled a sly smile Mary then ran back into the room, the look of shock and realization of fear was strongly apparent on her face.

“You monster, move away from my baby now.” She said as she rushed in to protect her baby.

The demon then flicked his hand back and Mary flew back across the room and her body hit hard back on the far wall. He then moved his hand upward and Mary’s body slid upwards towards the ceiling.

“No, this isn’t happening.” Sam said.

Mary then let out a horrific scream. Sam then heard loud heavy footsteps coming upstairs. Sam turned around to find the demon had disappeared. John rushed into the room to the crib. He had a moment of relief that Sam was fine, and then blood dripped down from the ceiling onto his hand. John then looked up at the ceiling and cried out, “NO! NO!” He then fell backward onto the floor and saw Mary, blood dripping from her stomach and stuck to the ceiling. Sam looked up at the ceiling, “MOM! NO! This isn’t happening! MOM! NOOOO!” Just as she screamed her last moment of shock the dream burned up from the edges and flames burst into her eyesight.

“NOOO!” yelled Sam.

“SAM, SAM, Wake up, Sam!” Rebecca yelled as she shook Sam awake. Sam was awake with a start and sat straight up breathing heavily. She then refocused herself and realized that she wasn’t back in Lawrence anymore. She was back in her dorm room at Stanford.

“Sam, are you okay?” Rebecca said. “I could hear you from the other side of the suite with both our doors closed.”

Rebecca put her hand on Sam’s forehead. “Your head feels like its 3 billion degrees Fahrenheit. Do you want me to call the campus doctor?”

“I think I’m going to puke.” Sam said as she bent over the side of her bed and puked all her dinner out into her wastepaper basket and then she passed out.

Twelve hours later she found herself in the student health office lying on a hospital bed. She had an IV in her left arm and a heart monitor wrapped around her right arm.

“Hey you’re awake.” A tall blonde hair blue eyed guy said.

“Hey, yea, I guess I am.” Sam said as she sat up. When she did the room began to spin.

“Hey careful, careful, you’ve been out for half the day give yourself a minute to readjust to reality.” He said.

Sam sat up slowly and slid back so she was sitting upright.

“Hi, I, uh... Where are Rebecca and Amelia?” Sam asked.

“Wow, you’re more concerned for your friends then you are for yourself.” He said.

“I just wanted to make sure that didn’t go way out of their way for me.” Sam said.

“Trust me they did the best they could. They called the campus doctor and he and I came and got you and brought you down here to make sure you were going to be okay.” He said.

“And what is your name exactly?” Sam said.

“Jesse, but people just call me Jess, 2nd year Heath Sciences, head of the campus emergency squad. It’s nice to meet you Sam.”Jess said.

“Nice to meet you too.” replied Sam.

“So you aren’t doing drugs or anything like that.” Jess said.

“No, I haven’t even been close to that stuff.” Sam said.

“I don’t know how to explain what you went through. You haven’t had anything like this before have you?” Jess asked.

“No, nothing like this before, not that I’m aware of.” Sam said

“So, I’ve checked your vitals and your temperature and the doctor suggests that you take some extra strength Tylenol over the next couple of days. But otherwise you’ll be fine. I called your roommates and they’re going to be here tomorrow morning to take you back to your suite.” Jess said.

“I’m starving.” Sam said.

“I’m surprised you would have an appetite after you heaved up your last meal.” Jess said.

“You have no idea what my appetite is like, 99% of the time, I’ll eat ten times the amount of an average guy.” Sam said.

“I guess you’re not the average girl then. I’ll go and get you something to eat.” Jess said.

“Thanks for everything. I bet you don’t get people in like me very often. I bet you deal with a lot of drunken college students.” Sam said.

“Yea, you are definitely not what I expected you to be.” Jess said.


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